Volunteer Application :: Basic Information

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About the role of Volunteer

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Steampunk November.  You help make our festival the success it is every year.  By volunteering a minimum of 8 hours during the weekend of the festival, you earn yourself a complimentary weekend pass to the event.

Your 8 hours can be done on one day, or spread out over all three days.  You can volunteer for as many hours in addition as you wish, but you must complete your duties for your weekend pass to remain valid.

We have lots areas in which to volunteer and many different time slots you can request. The list of Volunteer Tasks includes some that are marked with an "*". These tasks require more than the standard 6 volunteer hours; many require blocks of time on multiple days. Do not let that scare you away! If you are interested or want more info on these assignments then just let us know: volunteers@steampunknovember.com

We know this application is extensive, but we feel it is the most effective use not only your time, but ours as well.

Please be sure to SAVE your log in for this site; you WILL need it again. Shortly before the event, once the event schedule has been posted, you will receive an email asking you to log back in and select the tasks and shifts you would like to work.

Volunteer Terms and Conditions and Release

You are bound by all the rules and regulations of The Festival.  You must check in at Volunteer HQ before each of your shifts in order to qualify for the complimentary pass.  If you do not show up to your scheduled volunteer shifts without notifying the festival, security will be informed to find you and escort you to the ticket booth in order to make payment for your pass.