Steampunk November Fall Festival 7th year Application :: Vendor Application - Steampunk November 2017

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Vendor Application - Steampunk November 2017 Application Details


Please complete an application for consideration as a vendor at Steampunk November 2017.  If approved, you will receive an email link for booth purchase.

10'x10' uncovered booth space: $45

10'x10' covered booth space: $85

12'x12' uncovered booth space: $60

Food vendors do not have an upfront fee, but we require 10% of total weekend sales as the vending fee at the conclusion of the festival.

Other sizes of booth spaces must be negotiated before purchase of any booth.


We are a tent festival.  Tents are required for all uncovered spaces.  Tents are available for rental. A only have 10x10 tents for rent.


Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer


As a vendor at our festival you are required to be open for business during all hours of all days of the festival.  All vendors are required to attend the mandatory vendor meeting on Friday,November 10, at 6:30 pm at Lady Cat’s Electric Umbrella (Gazebo stage). 

Our festival is set in the general time frame of the Victorian age (late 1800s).  Therefore, please only use your cell phone in an emergency or as your credit card machine.  All other times, please keep your cell phones out of patron sight.  Please dress in theme appropriate costuming.  Conversations regarding current politics, controversies, events, etc. should be avoided amongst yourselves and are absolutely not permitted with patrons or within earshot of patrons. You are note required to dress in theme,but we stongly encourage it.  We do not require accents or specific language choices.

You are responsible for collecting, reporting and paying your own sales tax.  Sales tax on site is 6.25%

You must be respectful of neighboring booths.  Violations of this policy will not be tolerated.

Vendors are required to follow all The Rules of the festival.  

Set up:

You may come out as early as 10 am on Friday to set up your booths. If you need to come do any set up prior to that time, you must contact the festival and make special arrangements. You will be allowed to park as near as possible to unload, but we ask that you unload as quickly as you can and then move your vehicle to the parking area so other vendors can have access as well.  Please be considerate of each other.  You cannot park in the main drive through road to unload. You cannot park in another booth space to unload.

Your booth set up must stay within your rented booth space.  You cannot exceed your booth space with chairs, racks, displays, clothing racks, tie downs, etc.   You must keep pathways in front of and around your booth clear of these items as well.  We will inspect every booth before opening on Friday to address any of these issues and suggest corrections.  We will also check during the festival to make sure these guidelines are being followed.

Tents must pass inspection.

Please have your booths ready for the public no later than 30 min before gates open Friday.

All vehicles must be off site and in the parking area no later than 1 hour before gates open, NO EXCEPTIONS.  You cannot park behind your booth, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Break Down:

You can start breaking down at closing (4:00 pm) on Sunday afternoon, no earlier.  The campgrounds officially close two hours after gate closing, however, you can take as much time as you need to break down.   


Every booth has access to electricity, but please understand that the outlets must all be shared so bring extension cords and power strips.  The festival reserves the right relocate your extension cords and power strips as needed to accommodate neighboring vendors. 

You are responsible for lighting in your booth space.

You cannot plug in any electrical heaters in your booths. Propane heaters are fine IF you have liability insurance with at least $1 million coverage.  If you have an electric heater in your booth, you will be fined $100 per offense to be collected immediately. Repeated violations will result in confiscation of your electric heater for the duration of the weekend.


We are a tent festival.  You are required to have a canopy or tent for your vendor space. We prefer pavilion style or EZ pop up, not camping tents, but we can make exceptions. Please send us a picture of the tent in advance for approval if you have any concern.

We do offer rental EZ pop up tents for the weekend. This fee includes us setting up the tent.

Tents must have obvious and welcoming entrances for patrons.

You are responsible for securing your tent at all times, including preparation for weather, security, presentation, and so forth.


We do not have WiFi for everyone who vends.  Please use your own electronic device signals to process payments.  Most cellular providers work in our area. Some of them aren’t as strong as others, though.


We offer on-site primitive camping.  You must purchase a camping pass to camp onsite.  Please see campground rules.  Camping passes are $25 per car for the weekend.

Due to the nature of our site, we do not allow vendors to set up tents or trailers behind their booths.  We do allow you to sleep in your booth as long as you stay within the boundaries of your booth and are ready for business when gates open each day.  If you sleep in your booth, you do not have access to camping amenities. Vendors can park a vehicle in front of their booth with prior approval and it must be offsite no later than one hour prior to gate opening and cannot come on site until all patrons have left. You must purchase a camping pass to use the onsite showers.


We have a security team here and on duty for the entire festival, including overnight.  We are still not responsible for your products. Please take whatever measure you feel necessary to secure your booth at night.  We will close the gates to the festival at night.

We back our security team and their decisions 100%.  We will not tolerate anyone harassing our security team for any reason. 


There is no additional charge for parking, however if you have a trailer or oversize vehicle, you will be required to park in the oversize parking area located at the end of the parking lot.  No exceptions.



Every year we run a raffle as part of our fundraising for the North Texas Food Bank.  We ask all our vendors and entertainers to give one item to the raffle each year.  Please attach a business card to the item along with any other promotional stuff you would like.  This is not required, just requested.  Please bring your contribution to the mandatory vendor meeting on Friday at 6:30 pm at Lady Cat’s Electric Umbrella (The Gazebo).


We will be open rain or shine.


BYOB rules also apply to our vendors. As does our rule of no one under 21 drinking, even if they are working for you.  Standard Texas laws regarding the consumption of alcohol apply.  You may keep your alcohol in your booth, but please use a plastic cup for consumption.  You will still have to be carded when you check in and get your passes or security will hassle you.  It is their job, so don’t give them a hard time when they do it, please.

YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PROVIDE ALCOHOL OF ANY KIND TO ANY PATRON. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Violation of this policy will result in security removing you from the festival.

We are currently in discussions with an alcoholic beverage vendor and the BYOB policy may terminate before November.  You will be notified in advance of this policy change.


We provide portable restrooms for your use.  We have onsite showers, but you must purchase a camping pass in order to use them.

No one is allowed to use the indoor restroom due to past violations of the indoor use policies.

Your pass will allow you access to the backstage green room(s) and access to the Festival Operations room as needed for access to our staff.


Vendors and vendor staff will treat Steampunk November Festival and the Festival staff, volunteers and fellow vendors with the utmost respect.

Any blatant disrespect of another person is not tolerable and may result in being asked to leave and the inability to attend any future events with NO refund from festival staff.

No selling of merchandise that contains any logos, names, or branding for the Steampunk November Festival unless you purchase a license.

Vendors are responsible for insuring their merchandise and equipment. Period. The festival is not responsible for damages or theft, though we will do everything in our power to prevent it.

Steampunk November is not responsible for vendor/customer disputes regarding merchandise.

Vendors are to conduct transactions in timely and professional manner.

Vendors are responsible for cleaning and maintaining a safe work environment.

No flammable liquids are allowed. No closed or open flames are allowed without previous discussion.

No blocking or loitering in traffic corridors or points of egress.

No blockage or removal of any fire protection equipment.

No refund of vendor space fees will be offered after October 1st, 2017.

Acceptance of a Steampunk November badge and admission to the festival constitutes an agreement to allow the festival use your image or likeness for promotion within any media format for future events.