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General Vendor Application Details

Riverfest takes place in Farmington, NM Memorial Day weekend at Berg Park and Animas Park, along the Animas River. Over 20,000 people attend this three day, free community event featuring 2 music Venues – Tractor Rides – Native American Expositions – River Rafting – Wiener Dog Races – Kids Area – Petting Zoo – Food Vendors – Gourd Dances – Kids Arts and Crafts – Car Shows – Beer N’ Wine Garden – Duck Race – Fun Run. Riverfest is promoted locally and regionally. 

RIVERFEST VENDORS: Rules & Regulations: 

1. VENDORS: There are 3 categories for VENDOR designation.

a. SALES: Products produced by someone else which are being sold.

b. PROMOTION: Promotion of a business that sells products or services being offered elsewhere.

c. NON PROFITS: Non-Profits who wish to share information about their service or event. 

All items sold or distributed and personal conduct must be “G-Rated.” Riverfest is a family friendly event. 

2. FEES: The fee for the 2 day event is $100 for SALES, $200 for PROMOTIONS, and no charge for Non Profits. Booth spaces are limited for Promotions and Non Profits. Fees MUST be received by April 27, 2018. Booth Fees are non-refundable without notice prior to the event. 

3. SPACES: Booths may be shared, must fit in one 10’ x 10’ space. You may rent multiple spaces. Each additional 10X10 space is an additional $100. Tables, chairs, and tents are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Specific spaces will be assigned, but cannot be guaranteed. Mobile vending, approaching or soliciting event goers outside of designated booth space is not allowed. The Parks Department does NOT have tents available for vendor rental this year. 

4. CRS Requirement: Vendors are responsible for the sales tax liability for all items sold. New Mexico requires all vendors at Riverfest to have CRS #’s for filing gross receipts tax. If you have a business with an existing CRS # you just need to pay your sales tax by the 28th of June. The City of Farmington will submit to the state a list of names and addresses of all vendors at Riverfest. 

5. HOURS: Booths must operate during event hours (see top) and adhere to set up times. Booths may not break down until the event is over. 

6. SECURITY: Security of material is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. Exhibitors should be prepared for wind and/or rain. 

7. ACCESS: Vehicle access will require Proof of Insurance, which must accompany the vehicle registration. Upon receipt of the insurance, a VENDOR PASS will be issued for the vehicle. There will be NO VEHICLE ACCESS in or out during hours of operation. Access will be allowed only before or after operating hours. Saturday morning access will be limited due to the Fun Run. For vendors with large or cumbersome displays, Friday set up is recommended. Upon receipt of completed registration, directions and maps for access and parking will be shared with the vendor. 

8. POWER: There is no access to power. If you need to use a generator, make sure to let us know, or your booth position may have to change. 

9. NON-POLITICAL and RELIGIOUS EVENT. No Political or Religious materials, including but not limited to signage, banners, brochures etc., may be posted or present at vendor booths, or any associated physical element on event grounds. (No approaching or soliciting.) 

Vendors will be located on the plaza at Rocky Reach Terrace in Animas Park. A few choice spaces may be available down the main river trail to the west of the plaza. These venues are in a more wooded setting, but get the same amount of foot traffic. (They are on the trail to River Reach Terrace, the other main venue.) Upon receipt of the completed registration, you will be contacted about booth location and access and parking regulations. 

Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

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If you have any questions please contact Glenda Allies-Fox at 505-402-3268 or email: glendaalliesfox@gmail.com