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NAHBS is committed to creating a positive and fair environment for all exhibitors and has developed a set of rules and guidelines to help insure we deliver on this promise. These rules and guidelines are designed to help the show maintain a level of professionalism for our craft. When necessary, we will enforce these rules and failure to comply can result in forfeiture of ability to exhibit in future shows. Please take a moment to fully review and should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact NAHBS.


Cancellation prior to November 17, 2017 will result in a refund. Any exhibitor cancellations on or after that date will not be refunded.


  1. In order to secure a 10x10 or larger booth, frame builders must meet the following minimum criteria; You must have been in business for no less than two years, have built a minimum of 50 frames and carry current product liability insurance.  Builders who do not meet these criteria can apply for a New Builder Table.

  2. Prior to show opening, exhibitors must provide proof of General Liability insurance. There are NO exceptions. NAHBS must be listed as additional insured. 

  3. Host Hotel / Discount: Exhibitors who book their rooms at a preferred hotel will receive a discount on their booth space. NAHBS works diligently to negotiate preferred hotel rooms for all exhibitors, vendors and attendees, but we are required to reach a minimum number of rooms in order to guarantee our ability to deliver this benefit year after year. By supporting the official NAHBS housing block you offset the considerable cost of holding this event and show your continued support for the industry and community.

  4. Each 10x10 booth purchased comes with (3) three credentialed passes for booth staff. (Example 10x20 = 6 passes, 20x20 = 12 passes, etc). Staff names MUST be provided to NAHBS in advance of the show to insure our ability to deliver printed credentials for each person. Vendors who do not provide staff names may experience delays on-site securing credentials. Additional staff badges will be made available for purchase on site for $75 and are limited to (2) more per 10x10 booth.

  5. Staff Credentials MUST be worn by staff at all times when in the exhibit hall and are not to be transferred to anyone at anytime. Misuse of staff credentials will result in the staff member being removed from the show.

  6. In order to insure all exhibitors are able to build their booth in the time allotted, Prior to the show NAHBS will provide all vendors with written details on Load-In times, as determined by your space on the show floor. Arriving late for your arranged load-in time may delay your ability to load-in. If you have questions or run into travel delays, please contact NAHBS so we can work with you and avoid delays for other exhibitors.

  7. You are responsible for finding secure parking for any trailer or vehicle used to transport your assets to NAHBS. We will work with our contacts in advance of the show to try and assist in locating available options around the exhibit hall.

  8. NAHBS is committed to providing exhibitors the best possible experience we can, but we need your help. Please respond to our emails, voicemails and newsletter announcements regarding show related topics. The more we can accomplish on your behalf in advance of the show will go a long way.



  2. ALL OTHER EXHIBITING COMPANIES: In order to avoid frame builders piggybacking their way into NAHBS, and to protect frame builders who have purchased booths, we ask that you only display bikes from builders who have booths at the show. We can help make introductions.

  3. If you’d like to use bikes from non-participating frame builders, or if you are a builder who is unable to attend,but would like to display your bikes at the show in a component or non-framebuilder booth, please contact NAHBS to discuss. Fees may apply.

  4. Any non-exhibiting bikes approved for use by NAHBS in a display are prohibited from consideration in any NAHBS related awards. This helps keep the focus on exhibiting builders.

  5. We appreciate our exhibitors therefore NO BACKPACKING is allowed at NAHBS.  You MUST have a booth to exhibit a frame/bicycle or product in the show.

  6. Your booth must be staffed during all open hours. Packing or removal of equipment, materials, etc. will not be permitted during official show hours.

  7. While NAHBS takes every effort to secure the show hall, you are responsible for your booth, its contents and its security. Don Walker/NAHBS is NOT responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items. Please refer to contract for further details.

  8. We ask that exhibitors please keep their sales confined to their exhibit space.

  9. For the safety of attendees and exhibitors, please no bicycle riding or test rides in the hall during show hours. No bicycles can be removed from the show hall during show hours except by media for photography.

  10. NAHBS and our sponsors invest a great deal in the show, seminars and related events that take place over the course of the weekend. We want everyone at NAHBS to enjoy the scheduled activities and we encourage your participation in the NAHBS events. It is requested that all events, activities and hospitality suites be approved by NAHBS. Events might include: seminars, sessions or receptions conducted at one of the NAHBS contracted properties or off-property during the NAHBS weekend. If you would like to inquire about aligning your event or activity on an official basis, such that we can help promote attendance and awareness, please contact NAHBS directly.

  11. Use of the NAHBS name or logo to promote any non-NAHBS event is strictly prohibited.

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