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VENDORS Application Details

2018 LDS Family Festival - Exhibitor Application Process Details

Once you submit your application, you will be able to follow the progress of it throughout the process, as we make our decision. 

You will be able to check on your application, ask us questions, answer our questions if we need further information or clarification, and much more from your application page

Please watch your email for any message coming from Spingo (Our Event Platform Manager) - Sometimes these emails can end up in spam or promotion folders, please watch for them and ensure that you change your email settings to ensure all email from Spingo is hitting your inbox and not getting lost in the other folders.  The emails will be from Spingo, however the Subject line will; usually say "LDS Family Festival...." 

Once we receive your application we will work hard to get the process completed quickly for you.  

If we can not approve your application, you will be notified of the denial of the application and the reason for our decision. 

If we need further details or clarification from you, we will send you a message and you can answer us quickly and easily from your application page - Please always reply right away to ensure the progress moves forward properly. The application page has a chat box and this is the area that we will usually communicate with you.  

If we Approve your application, you will be notified as soon as possible of our decision.  You will be sent a Purchase link in which you can choose your booth size/s, corners, prime spacing, and other extras. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU TAKE CARE OF THIS PAYMENT AS SOON AS YOU GET THE APPROVAL & PAYMENT LINK.  The payment Must be completed within 5 days from your approval or you will risk your application being denied.  Unfortunately, if you wait, it's a lot easier to forget to do it in time.  We very much appreciate your prompt payment as it helps things on our end very much. 

***You can secure your Booth Space with Your Approved Application and Your PaymentNo booth is held without those TWO things***

You can Pay in Full at the time you apply - If you do this, you get an additional 2 Free Tickets to the event ($56 Value)

You can choose to split your payment - To do this, You secure the space with a deposit of $100+, and the remainder is due On or Before May 15th, 2018.  However, if you pay the remaining balance in full by March 15th, 2018 (two months earlier than the deadline), you will get an addition Free ticket ($28 Value) - We will send reminders from time to time to ensure that you do not miss the deadline and so that you can avoid the $30 late fee.We very much appreciate your prompt payments because we rely on the funds to cover event expenses.  Thank you in advance for ensuring your payments are received on time.  

Once you have a secured space (Approved application and completed payment), you will receive Four very important things from us - This information will be sent to you via your application page and in the Chat Box.  Please watch for this as it's important. 

  1. Your Assigned Booth #/s

  2. A Promo Code to redeem your Free Tickets to the Event.  Please Note, you do not need a ticket for yourself, you will be there as an exhibitor.  These Free tickets can be used for anyone you choose to gift them to.  Your promo code will only be redeemable for the amount of Free tickets that you receive as a bonus for being an exhibitor.  The amount of tickets will vary according to the quantity of booths you purchase as well as the size of booth/s. Every 5X10 Booth comes with 5 Free Tickets ($140 Value) / Every 8X10 Booth comes with 8 Free Tickets ($224 Value) / Every 10X10 Booth comes with 10 Free Tickets ($280 Value) and don't forget that if you Pay in full you get an extra 2 Tickets ($56 Value) - What a Great Incentive!  (and For those splitting their payments, If you earn a Free Ticket for Paying your Final amount by March 15th, the extra bonus ticket will be added to that same promo code as soon as that payment is received)

  3. A Specific Affiliate Link just for you.  If you decide to participate in our affiliate program, simply share the special link (it links to the event ticket page) with your friends, family, co-workers, social networks, website, email contacts, text contacts etc. And you will earn 5% for every ticket purchased through your affiliate link.  This is not required of you, however it's a great way to spread the word about the event and actually get something in return.  Affiliates will be paid via a check within 30 days after the event ends for the entire amount earned through their link.  The affiliate link can be used as soon as you receive it and it can be used until the event ends.

  4. A Special Discount Promo Code that you can share with all people you know, the discount promo code will save anyone who uses it 20% on their ticket purchase.  This Promo / Discount Code can be used with your affiliate link, offering your contacts a discount as well as a percentage of the sale for you.  

And much closer to the event, please watch for information coming from JP Display (Our Service Provider for this event) - They are the ones that you will need to purchase power, wifi and other available display items from.  

We hope that you can join us for this amazing event and look forward to working with you to create the best event possible


2018 LDS Family Festival - Exhibitor Details

Friday August 3rd & Saturday August 4th, 2018

Venue - South Towne Expo Center 9575 S. State St. Sandy UT

Event Set Up - Thursday August 2nd 1-7pm

Event Open Times:

Friday August 3th 10am-8pm

Saturday August 4th 10am - 8pm

(Doors will open at 9:30am for attendees to start coming in.  The Main Stage Starts at 10AM each day, but Exhibitors will need to be ready by 9:30am)

Event Take Down - Saturday 8pm After the Event Ends

  • You do NOT need to be LDS to be an Exhibitor at this Event
  • Vendors Need to Uphold the Highest LDS type Standards Possible for this Event
  • All Products or Services MUST be either LDS Specific or else generally good for the LDS Community
  • No Early Take Downs!!!  
  • The Booth Map can be Found on our website at
  • Food / Beverage Samples Are Allowed
  • Eat on Site Foods & Treats are not Typically Allowed by Venue.  Things for take home eating/drinking may be allowed with Venue Approval
  • There are 242 Booth Spaces / Sizes are 10X10, 8X10 & 5X10
  • All Booth Spaces include Pipe/Drape Separations, Skirted Table, 2 Chairs & ID Sign
  • No Refunds
  • Booth Space may be transferred to another exhibitor if pre-approved only
  • Booth Sharing is Allowed - must ensure that all other sharing exhibitors are Approved
  • Direct Sales Reps can only represent one specific company per booth
  • Direct Sales - Almost always we only allow one per Company (Rare exceptions we will allow two)
  • No Central Checkout - We Never take a percentage of sales, Exhibitors are responsible for their own sales 
  • All Exhibitors Receive Free Tickets to the Event as Our way of Saying Thank You (5X10=5 Free Tickets / 8X10=8 Free Tickets / 10X10=10 Free Tickets)
  • All Exhibitors that Pay in Full at the time their application is approved and they are sent the Payment link, will receive 2 Extra Free Tickets (Example 10X10 Booth = 10 Tickets, if paying in full = 12)
  • All Exhibitors will receive their own affiliate promo code and will (if they choose) be able to use this link to help promote the event, attendees receive 20% off their Ticket Purchase, and Exhibitors receive 10% of all ticket sales made through their link (See Exhibitor Section of the website for full details)

More Details are listed on the Website at

  • Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer

    I agree that I have been sufficiently notified of, I have read, and I agree to fully comply with, and be bound to, all of the Policies and Procedures listed on the Big Bodacious Events LLC (Hereafter referred to as BBE) website at - I am aware that this event has a specific religious basis, and I understand that I am required to adhere to all rules in keeping with the religious nature of the event, and also the community that will attend.  I am aware that I as an exhibitor will be given a personalized promo affiliate code that I can use to help promote ticket sales and attendance to the event.  I am aware that I will be compensated at 10% of the ticket sales that my personal affiliate promo code brings in (Not including any taxes or fees collected).  The compensation from my affiliate link will be given via a check at the end of the event and may take up to 30 days after the event to issue these checks.  I am aware from reading the policies & procedures on the BBE/LDS Family Festival website, that AOC (Agreement Of Compliance) is in place to help ensure a positive event for everyone involved.  I understand and agree to the AOC & I hereby agree to follow the rules set forth.  I will act with kindness, integrity, and do all I can to personally help make the event as positive of an experience as possible. I further understand that my failure to follow the BBE rules, policies & procedures, terms and conditions as set forth may lead to the initial AOC fee and further fees as outlined within the policies & procedures. I may be asked to leave with no refund or compensation of any type, I may be refused entry to the premises, I may also be placed on the do not contact list and refused future participation. I understand that the rules, policies & procedures are enforced and considered very important for the overall outcome of this and all BBE events. I understand and agree that BBE can change or alter any detail of the event without notification, even to the very unlikely extent of rescheduling, movement to an alternate location or cancelation of this event if BBE deems it necessary for any reason.  I agree and understand that any in the very unlikely chance that changes or cancelation of this event occurs, that there will be no refunds available or given. I agree by my the submission of my application that I will hold Big Bodacious Events LLC (BBE), it's owners, management team, staff, volunteers, sponsors and all who are involved in the event, harmless and from all liability in all forms. I understand and agree that I am applying for and participating in this event with the full knowledge and agreement that I am 100% liable and am doing so completely at my own risk..

    By submitting my application I Understand that:

    No Booth will be Held Without Completed Application & at least Partial Payment

    I furthermore understand that all orders of Booth Space, Services, Sponsorship Options, all Fees paid or due are Completely Non Refundable.

    I understand that some important information is sent periodically via email and that it’s MY responsibility to ensure I'm getting the emails sent from BBE.  If I am not receiving emails, I will contact BBE to resolve the issues so that I can receive all emails sent to the exhibitors.

    I understand that BBE will be taking Photographs and Video of this event and I hereby authorize & completely release all rights to any image, recording or video of me, my display, my products etc. to BBE for their use in company or event promotions.

    I understand and agree that by signing this application, I am accepting Full & 100% liability for my own products, goods or services. I am hereby releasing BBE, its owners, associates, and the venue where the event is being held, and venue staff, along with the city the event is held in, the service provider for the event, Spingo and all others involved in this event, from any liability of any form, associated with me, my products or services, regardless of what products or services that may be. I am aware that I am applying & participating at this event at my own risk. I understand that life itself is unpredictable and therefore unexpected issues can arise that are unfortunate or uncontrollable, things such as extreme weather, natural or man-made disasters, war or national troubles, financial collapse, depression or recession, company closure or bankruptcy, plagues or sickness and a variety of other unexpected an unforeseen issues that could at any time occur and cause this event to be canceled.  I understand that I am applying at my own risk and that in the unfortunate and very unlikely event that is severe enough to warrant a cancelation of this event, that I will not be refunded or compensated in any way, and I will hold all parties involved (BBE, it's Owners, Management, Staff, Volunteers and all others involved) harmless from any liability in any form or fashion.  I am willingly applying for this event with full notification and understanding of these facts and hereby do so completely at my own risk.

    I also understand that I am required to be kind, courteous & professional in all of my dealings with everyone involved in this event in any manner.  I understand completely that I am required to uphold LDS type standards (no matter my own religious affiliation or lack thereof) with regard to all products, displays, services, and with my words and actions while at this event.  I understand that any LDS Bashing in any form or any Anti-LDS /Mormon actions will be cause for my removal from the event, by force if necessary.  I understand that this event is not a place for any form of disregard & or lack of respect for the LDS Religion and community. I agree that I am required to support the event in its entirety, before, during and after the event ends. I agree by signing or electronically signing this application that I will fully uphold the highest standards this event represents.  I agree to be legally bound by all of the BBE, event, venue and service provider rules, to pay any taxes due, and to ensure I'm in compliance with all government agencies applicable. I fully understand that AOC and other collection, service and legal fees can be added without notice and enforced by law if I fail to comply with the terms in this application/contract. (Please only apply if you can follow our rules.  If you like to complain, cause trouble, stir up others, create drama, undercut, badmouth or hurt others, etc. You may want to reconsider applying for this show as we have strict rules against these types of behaviors.)   BBE works very hard to keep things positive with our event, our vendors, and also with the shoppers and attendees... 

    We want our events to be Fun!  Positive! And Successful! For Everyone Involved J

    I Fully Understand and Agree with all of these terms listed here and also within the BBE policies & Procedures as listed on the BBE website and by agreement to this contract / application in its entirety is indicated by my Electronic Signature in this online application, or my signature in any hard copy application for this event. I Understand and agree that I hereby authorize the payment through Spingo according to my purchase order choices indicated in regard to booth fees, prime spaces, sponsorship, promotional or highlight add on items, etc. BBE / Spingo will not charge any extra or inflated fees and all charges will be in accordance to my choices and the terms listed.