Workshop 3 Track D Exit Strategy and Buy and Sale Agreements

Classroom 224

Monday May 7, 2018 - 12:00 pm to 12:45 pm

Room 224 - Exit Strategy and Buy and Sale Agreements presented by Diane and Art Warsoff - Just as you start or buy a business, you should have a strategy for exit. Will you sell? Give to the family? Will you want to sell to your employees? How should you structure the buy and sale agreements? Should you use a business broker? How do you assess the value of your company? It is Never Too Soon to Think About an Exit Strategy The best time to think about how to sell your business is BEFORE you are ready to do so, and certainly before you are forced to do so! Learn about how to ensure that you can maximize your business' value, and what is involved in the process of selling when you are ready. This session will cover the following topics: * What Drives Value - understanding how your business will be valued, and the intangibles to consider * The Selling Process - what goes into selling your business, and how to do it best * How to Structure the Transaction – ensure that you are doing it right.