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SCORE Small Business Day Schedule :: Wendy Bird

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Wendy Bird

Wendy Bird is a Certified High Performance Coach, motivational speaker, mentor, and founder
of Pearls with Purpose, a social impact organization bringing lasting self-reliance to women in
developing countries. She works with preeminent corporate and social business leaders, non-
profit organizations, top educators, artists, and community service organizations, imparting a
universal message of empowerment coupled with effective tools and strategies essential to
achieving extraordinary results.
A highly sought-after speaker, Wendy has the privilege of sharing her message of
empowerment worldwide. She has the unique ability to connect with audiences from all
cultures and backgrounds. She speaks straight from the heart on key themes such as
leadership, social change, and overcoming obstacles, with a special emphasis on quality
education and women’s empowerment.
Combining extensive work with disadvantaged women in India, Cambodia, Thailand, the
Philippines and other countries with natural charisma and advanced EQ, Wendy inspires all who
hear her speak, whether as a keynote speaker, group coach, or individual strategist. Each
message, coaching program, and presentation is original and crafted to directly address
individual needs and goals, the heart of the organization, or the theme of an event.
Wendy personifies the “Honor the Struggle” philosophy, encouraging, reassuring, and
energizing individuals and groups alike. Intuitive questions. Deep insights. Life experience.
Empathy. Powerful delivery. Lasting connections. Wendy will help you “Level Up” and reach your highest
performance and potential in all areas of, health, relationships and mindset.

Each classroom holds approximately 36 people. We will do our best to get everyone into the classes picked, but we may need to shift room configurations or limit to first come first served basis.