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SCORE Small Business Day Schedule :: Phil Malula

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Phil Malula

Initially from the DR Congo in Africa where I received a law degree before moving to the United States. I have lived in Utah for 22 years, attended Westminster College (BS Business Administration, 2004) and later Steven Henager College where I received an MBA in 2012 • My company, Development Services International LLC (DSI), a global trading company that represents farming cooperatives (co-ops) from across Africa. These co-ops are comprised of many small farmers who grow agricultural crops in countries such as the Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). This important arrangement allows for the sale of products to countries around the world, therefore more effectively supporting these local farmers, their communities, and their families with greater economic security. Products supplied through DSI and the co-ops of small farmers include the following, all of which strictly adhere to FDA standards of quality: Organic Honey, Organic Coffee, Organic Cocoa Beans, Coconuts, Cashews, Palm Kernel Almond & Cake, Corn, Sesame, Ginger, Cotton Fiber and more. DSI plans to open next year a warehouse in Salt Lake City, UT to connect US buyers with organic crops from Africa. • Fluent in French, English and 7 African languages.

10:00 am

Workshop 1 Track F Guerrilla Marketing :: Classroom 105
Phil Malula
Monday May 7, 2018 :: 10:00 am to 10:45 am
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