The Biz Games: Office Edition 2017

March 23rd and 24th at 9:00am

4th Annual Biz Games in UTAH

  • Welcome back to a bigger and badder Biz Games event! If you attended a previous event, you're gonna love all of the new events and games available at this year's event.

  • It's a must-attend event, which will be held at Soccer City.

  • What is The Biz Games: Office Edition? Well, think of the X Games. But instead of throwing extreme sport competitions, The Biz Games throws massive office games competitions in thriving business communities.

  • The Biz Games: Office Edition is a massive tournament between hundreds of companies in popular office games! Employees from company teams battle it out in bracketed tournaments and high-score competitions to win points, crazy prizes, ridiculous trophies, and serious bragging rights! Your office games suddenly got a lot more serious. You’re welcome!

  • For questions about participation, please email


How is this going to be better than last year?

VENUE, FOOD, TIME OF YEAR, and ORGANIZATION! Welcome to a new era of Biz Games events that is managed by a company that has put on several other events in 2016. There will be many things that we have greatly improved upon from previous years.

What is the Tournament vs. Open Play?

The Tournament includes all of the activities used to determine the winner of the Belt! (See below for the Belt list.) All other activities are Open Play and don't require any form of preregistration. A final list of all the Open Play activities will be posted when each has been claimed by an activity sponsor.

How do I compete for the coveted Belt?

Of the many fun activities at the Office Edition Tournament, we have reserved five main events that will be in contention for the grand prizes. These events include ping pong, Foosball, golf sim competition, video games (Mario Kart and Halo), and Texas Holdem.

Each of these activities will be bracketed and will require preregistration before the tournament starts. We will be sending out registration links thirty days out from the event, and we will keep registration open until the day of the tournament.

How does my company earn points for the Belt?

Companies will earn points from each of their employees in the brackets. As each person advances in the tournament bracket, they will earn points for each win and for each level of the bracket they play in. Companies will also earn points for participation in the CEO Summit and possibly other free-play activities at the event.

Tell me about the food!

This year, we have a lot more food options—in the form of food trucks! We are so excited to be able to bring in whatever food we want for the event. We aren't beholden to the unionized food provided by convention centers. Yay!

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Nope! We do ask that you act your age, though. Keep language appropriate and don't yell at the person who just kicked your butt!

What are my transportation and parking options for getting to and from the event?

There is parking available near the event venue, and we are also offering a shuttle service from the Scheels parking lot on 114th South and State.

What can I bring into the event?

Wear clothes that you are comfortable competing in. We recommend a stack of biz cards and whatever you use to network with other companies.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please email with any issues or questions.

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