2016 Vista Strawberry Festival

May 29, 2016

Strawberry-themed Festival with live music & performances, contests, prizes, food, beer garden, 400 vendors, rides, zip line, kids' zone, and STRAWBERRIES!



Contests include:

  • Strawberry Costume
  • Beer Stein-Holding 
  • Home Beer Brewing 
  • Cooking Contest
  • Frozen T-Shirt 
  • Ms. Strawberry Pageant
  • Strawberry Idol
  • Little Ms. Strawberry Shortcake
  • Strawberry Pie-Eating
  • Strawberry Run
  • Runner Costume

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Vista was once the unofficial strawberry capital of the world. When the strawberry season was in full tilt, Vista would ship strawberries to Asia, Hong Kong, and Europe daily. There were parts of the Netherlands that used to refer to the strawberries as "Vistas" because the fruit they were receiving was so much bigger than the strawberries they were used to, they thought it was a different fruit and the crates would all come in saying "Vista" on the side.

California grows more strawberries than any other place in the world, including all 49 other states combined, and more organic strawberries than all 49 other states combined!!! California strawberry farmers grow nearly 90 percent of all strawberries produced in the United States!!!

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