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Steampunk November Fall Festival Celebrity List

Gan Ainm

Gan Ainm, a group of session players in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. We're not a 'band', per se, but rather a bunch of folks who enjoy making music ...

Irish Blind

Appearing 2

Irish Blind with its Dark Americana and Rocked up Folk tunes has a bite! This Six piece band armed with a wide range of trad and original music for...

Bellas Calaveras

Appearing Sat and Sun

The Bellas Calaveras perform improvisational American Tribal Style® Belly dance from their collective unique creative and cultural experiences. ...

League of Eccentric Souls

League of Eccentric Souls is a versatile group that does steampunk , anime cosplay & more, we preform for special events, festivals, weddings and m...

Tribal Evolution

Appearing 3

Tribal Evolution is inspired by many great artists across the country, but especially Fat Chance BellyDance, The Indigo, Kami Liddle, Ariellah, Ser...

Durian Grey

The Durian Grey Company is a North Texas troupe of steampunk performers, musicians, and scoundrels. We specialize in interactive theater ranging fr...

Scott Helland Guitarmy of One

Appearing 2

One half of Frenchy and the Punk running solo and amok!

Master "Bones" Jangle

Appearing 3

Master "Bones" Jangle was found stranded, stark naked and painted like a skeleton on a lonely beach at the bottom of a cliff off the coast of Afric...

Queen Anne's Lace

Appearing 3

Queen Anne's Lace is a small, a cappella women's ensemble specializing in a variety of musical genres. Queen Anne's Lace has entertained audiences ...

Madame Le Cerceau

Hula hoop whirler extraordinaire!

Doc Braggart's Medicine Show

Doc Braggarts Medicine Show demonstrates the amazing effects that occur when one consumes a powerful medicine, known as Doc Braggart’s Medical Mira...

Dr. Judas Lynch & Ms. Magnolia Strange

Appearing 3

Dr. Judas Lynch and Ms. Magnolia Strange are a husband and wife team of escape artists and circus performers. Judas and Magnolia have performed som...

Plunk Murray

Appearing Sat and Sun

What we're about? Five friends that love music and are bound together by it, friendship, and doing something fun. Celtic music is not limited to Ir...

Lady Nevermore

Lady Nevermore's Tea Tasting.

External Combustion Orchestra

Appearing 3

We are a band in the Kansas City area performing almost entirely original music. Creepy, angry, sappy, rockin music. Music that will get you swayin...

Broads & Panties Burlesque

Appearing 1

Women, men, sequins, rhinestones, feathers, corsets, brolesque, burlesque, dancing, the stage, limelight. We are a burlesque community - based tro...

End of the World Parade

Appearing 1

Myriads of portable Drummers, Horn Players . Schools of stilt walkers, balloon inflaters, Flag Holders, Sign showee's, Carpenter's, landscapers, cl...

Elemental Performance Company

Appearing 3

A great belly dance troop.

The Texas Ale Project

T.A.P. is the first brewery to be built from the ground up in the City of Dallas since the late 1800s. We’re on a mission to refine some of the gre...

Darwin Prophet

Appearing 3

Traveler in All Time, collecting & retrieving soul base materials in the mobius of concentric infinity for the purpose of salvaging beauty & preser...

Phantom Sensation

Based out of Fort Worth, Texas, The Phantom Sensation (TPS) gives a new name to Folk-Punk music; "Blackgrass." This unique genre is a blend between...

Seadog Slam

Appearing all three

Piratical purveyors of poems and naughty songs.

Bomber Spur

Appearing 3

A steampowered Texas band.

Winter Star

Tea Punk Teas

Appearing 1

We here at the Tea Adventurers' Guild want to invite you to join us as we strive to bring you the finest tea we can fit into our armored dirigible,...

Tobias the Adequate

Appearing 3

One man, ten fingers, six years of university education... pretty much squandered. Tobias the Adequate (also known as "That Guy" and sometimes "Sto...

Frenchy & The Punk

Appearing 3

Multi-cultural Genre-bending NY Duo Frenchy and the Punk: Imagine Siouxsie Sioux and Dee Dee Ramone had a duo that was inspired by Django Reinhardt...

Wild Sky Tribal

American Tribal Style® belly dance and Tribal Fusion belly dance. The Performance Troupe of Wild Sky Tribal is the premier American Tribal Style® ...

Poppy Xander

Appearing 3

Poppy Xander is a composer, keyboardist, and chamber rock band leader/vocalist from Dallas, Texas. Over the last several years, she has performed ...