Steampunk November Fall Festival 10th Anniversary

November 12-14, 2021

Important Announcement Regarding the 2021 festival:

We have recently had an emergency management meeting and weighed every single option available to us for this year and have come to the conclusion that we cannot move forward with this year’s festival. We have been experiencing a significant reduction in several areas of the operational side of the festival. We have had fewer volunteers this year than we have ever experienced, and we understand that. However, that is not the only problem. We have also had vendors, entertainers, cast and staff unable to participate this year. Mostly because of concerns for health and safety. We in no way find fault in any of these choices. We support those decisions 100% as we, too, have serious concerns about the rising Covid numbers and new variants and our ability to adequately protect our patrons and participants. Coupled with the lack of manpower, supply chain problems with building materials have also made it almost impossible to complete already started build projects here on site in time for the show. And that isn’t the only supply chain problem. We are now extremely limited on bulk purchasing some crucial operational supplies for the festival, including but not limited to, toilet paper. And trust us, this is a crucial item. 

All of these factors leave us in a situation where we just cannot put on a successful show this year. We are just as disappointed as you are that we have had to make this decision. We apologize for this decision being made at such short notice. We were hoping to not have to make it. 

All of that being said, we will be moving forward with working on improvements and repairs to the site with the goal of having a bigger and better show in 2022. We will continue with finishing builds at a rate that can be handled as supply and labor shortages hopefully improve.

We will continue to have work weekends and hope that more people are able to attend them. We are not quitting. We will be back. 

We understand your concerns on this happening once again with our festival. We hope you understand and will continue to support us in the future. 

We are offering the following options for ticket holders:

1.     1. Refund my admission tickets and special event tickets minus 10% processing fees. (We do apologize for the processing fees, but we don’t have any control over them.)

2.     2. Refund my admission tickets only minus 10% processing fees. I want to rollover my special event tickets. I will purchase admission tickets again next year to attend.

3.     3. Rollover of purchased tickets (including special events) to the 2022 festival.

4.     4. Keep my money as a contribution to the betterment of the festival and I will buy admission tickets again. (special event purchases will still rollover as purchased with this option). 

All current rollover tickets from 2020 are included in these options. 

Please email and let us know which option you would like to move forward with at your earliest convenience. Please send any questions you have about the above options, or just in general, to this email address as well.